The General Ordinances of the City of Portland

Presses of Anderson & Duniway Company, 1905 - 664 Seiten

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Seite 17 - When a question is under debate no motion shall be received but to adjourn; to lay on the table...
Seite 266 - ... galleries, and the same shall be located on opposite sides of said galleries. Where there are more than two galleries, one or more additional staircases shall be provided, the outlets from which shall communicate directly with the principal exit or other exterior outlets. All said staircases shall be of width proportionate to the seating capacity as elsewhere herein prescribed.
Seite 225 - Walls heretofore built for or used as party walls, whose thickness at the time of their erection was in accordance with the requirements of the then existing laws, but which are...
Seite 270 - All doorways in said walls shall have fireproof doors. No floor register for heating shall be permitted. No coil or radiator shall be placed in any aisle or passageway used as an exit; but all said coils and radiators shall be placed in recesses formed in the wall or partition to receive the same. All supply, return or exhaust pipes shall be properly incased and protected where passing through floors or near woodwork.
Seite 205 - Registers located over a brick furnace shall be supported by a brick shaft built up from the cover of the hot-air chamber; said shaft shall be lined with a metal pipe, and all wood beams shall be trimmed away not less than four inches from it. Where a register is placed on any woodwork in connection with a metal pipe or duct, the end of the said pipe or duct shall be flanged over on the woodwork under it.
Seite 267 - The roof over the auditorium and the entire main floor of the auditorium and vestibule, also the entire floor of the second story of the front superstructure over the entrance, lobby and corridors, and all galleries and...
Seite 268 - All that portion of the stage, not comprised in the working of scenery, traps and other mechanical apparatus for the presentation of a scene, usually equal to the width of the proscenium opening, shall be built of iron or steel beams, filled in between with tire-proof material, and all girders for the support of said beams shall be wrought iron or rolled steel.
Seite 262 - The said open courts and corridors shall not be used for storage purposes, or for any purpose whatsoever, except for exit and entrance from and to the auditorium and stage, and must be kept free and clear during performances. The level of said corridors at the front entrance to the...
Seite 265 - ... inches to five running feet. Aisles having seats on one side only, shall be not less than two feet...
Seite 266 - Where the seating capacity is for more than one thousand people, there shall be at least two independent staircases, with direct exterior outlets, provided for each gallery in the auditorium, where there are not more than two galleries, and the same shall be located on opposite sides of said galleries.

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